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Community for Over 20 Years.

At Carroll Total Healthcare, we believe that true health goes beyond diagnostics and medications. It’s about nurturing the whole person—mind, body, and spirit. Led by Dr. Brent Carroll, a Board-Certified Physician with 20+ years of diverse Family Medicine expertise, CTHC combines the latest in medical science with a whole-person perspective that helps all patients achieve balance in their wellness goals.

SPA Services

Quality Matters

We offer state of the art, nonsurgical cosmetic treatments provided by a team of medical and aesthetic specialists. At Trinity Med Spa, our personalized boutique spa experience prioritizes safety and results.

Our philosophy

Age Healthier & Live Happier

We help our patients find balance and better health in their lives through up-to-date medical science and a holistic approach by focusing on the whole person and the interconnectedness of the mind, body and spirit.

What Our Clients Say

I got laser hair removal at Trinity Med Spa with the esthetician, Becca and I had a great experience! She was very nice, didn’t make me feel rushed, and answered all of the questions I had. I would highly recommend!

Hannah Lugsdin


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