Hours & Location

We are located in The Collection at Forsyth; an outdoor shopping, dining and office park. We are not a stand alone office. Our office is on the SECOND level of the Regus building; over the Chicken Salad Chick restaurant.

  • There is an exterior sign on the outside of our suite.
  • Entrances to our office are on the side (west side of bldg), for stairs (near the AMC Theater); and back (south side of bldg – large glass entrance in middle of bldg) for elevator access.
  • There is plenty of parking at both entrances.
  • There are also black directional marquis signs throughout the Collection that list Carroll Total Healthcare.
  • If you type Carroll Total Healthcare into your WAZE navigation app, it will bring you to the correct location.
  • Once you’ve been here, you will see how easy it really was to get to our beautiful new office. We can’t wait to see you!


Pass the AMC on your right, and Tin Drum restaurant on your left.
Park just south (left side) of AMC Theater in the parking lot.
The glass door entrance is next to the yellow Amazon Lockers just behind the side of Tin Drum.
Take stairs up to the second floor.
We are the second office on the left. Suite 4226


Pass the AMC on your right, and Tin Drum restaurant on your left.
Turn left into the large parking lot.
You will see “REGUS” in the middle of the building.
Enter through the glass doors under “Regus”
There are stairs immediately on your right
The elevator is in the hall on the right just past the stairs.
Take elevator to 2nd floor and enter left through double glass doors/main entrance.
Take LEFT hall from that lobby.
Ignore the Suite numbers (they are out of order) and go almost all the way down the hall to Suite 4226 on your right.

Our Hours

Monday through Friday | 8:30am – 5pm

Need an appointment?

Call us at (678) 341-9881