Brent T. Carroll, DO


Dr. Brent Carroll is a Board Certified Physician that has over 20 years of diverse experience in all aspects of Family Medicine. He also has extensive experience in Sports Medicine and has been a team doctor for high school and professional teams.

After many years with a large physician group, Dr. Carroll is proud to announce the opening of his revolutionary private practice which is dedicated to helping his patients obtain optimal health. He believes that “many of today’s healthcare options actually prevent you from living your best life possible. Your family physician should be caring for all aspects of your health, not just a part.”

Dr. Carroll’s vision for Carroll Total Healthcare is to offer a spa-like, advanced and comprehensive experience for his patients. A comfortable, clean and beautiful place where you can take care of almost every typical non-life threatening complaint without leaving the office. Carroll Total Healthcare has a full lab, state of the art digital X-Ray, Point-of-Care Ultrasound, and minor surgery suite. In his effort to improve his patient’s health care, he expanded his practice to include Trinity Med Spa (in the same suite). His goal is to optimize patient health through all proven methods available such as Regenerative Medicine, Male and Female Bioidentical Hormone Replacement with (HRT) Pellet Therapy, Medical Weight Loss and Arthrex PRP injections for orthopedic injuries and pain management. Every state of the art skin and body treatment is at your fingertips.


Dr. Brent Carroll started his broad medical training as a Pre-Med undergraduate at Brigham Young University by working at a long term health facility as a CNA. While attending Georgia State in the graduate physiology program, he also became a Certified EMT-Paramedic and worked at a Medical and Urgent Care facility as the X-ray tech, phlebotomist and Medical Assistant. He then attended Kansas City University and graduated at the top of his class with Honors as a member of Sigma Sigma Phi. He completed his residency at The University of Utah in Salt Lake City. As a Resident he moonlighted for 2 years at an Urgent Care facility expanding his training and sharpening his orthopedic and surgical skills. Dr. Carroll has worked as a Board Certified Family Physician in Utah, Alabama, and his home state of Georgia.


Dr. Carroll believes that “Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Your physician should be caring for all aspects of you, not just a part. The focus should be on disease prevention and reversing the processes that lead to illness. It takes more than just diagnostic tests and medications to maintain health.” He helps his patients find balance and better health in their lives through cutting edge medical science coupled with a holistic approach that focuses on the whole person and the interconnectedness of the mind, body and spirit. Every part of the human body works in harmony with every other part. His goal is to evaluate the body’s systems, identifying the exact source of the dysfunction, and correct it in order to optimize health and functionality. “We have to fix the real problem and cannot be content to treat the simple manifestations of a dysfunction such as hypertension or diabetes.”


According to internet reviews and various medical publications, Dr. Carroll is one of the top ranked Family Medicine Practitioners in the nation. In order to give the best care, he makes sure to stay current and continues his medical education through personal research, continuing education, and attending training conferences from the country’s top physicians. He is certified in many aesthetic procedures and Point-of-Care Ultrasound.

Welcome to Carroll Total Healthcare and be sure to check out Trinity Med Spa for more information!

Dan Ayers, PA-C

Dan Ayers, PA-C is a certified HRT provider and has completed extensive training from HRT experts. Dan is ready to teach you how hormone balance can be a catalyst for good health, and how to extend your vitality.

Dan is originally from the Northern Virginia area. He received his Physician Assistant degree at Alderson-Broaddus University in West Virginia where he maintained the Dean’s List throughout his PA curriculum.

After graduation, Mr. Ayers received the prestigious gold star designation on his PA board certification scoring in the top 95% of the nation on the primary care tract.

He began his PA career in Moultrie, Georgia as the first PA in the county. It was there that he met his wife. After a few years, they moved to Valdosta, Georgia to continue his career.

Mr. Ayers brings with him over 25 years of medical experience with a strong background in internal medicine, emergency medicine and most recently, oncology. He relocated to Atlanta September 2018 to work with the bone marrow transplant and leukemia services at Emory University Hospital.

Mr. Ayers has been recognized for his ability to not only provide professional care, but to build trust and rapport with his patients and colleagues, earning Community Provider of the Year and EMS Provider of the Year previously.

In his free time, Dan enjoys serving on medical mission trips to Haiti and Honduras, volunteering at a free inner city clinic, and of course, spending time biking, kayaking and traveling with his wife, Stephanie, and their two daughters, Maddie and Caroline.

Welcome to CTHC!

“I help my patients find balance and better health in their lives through up to date medical science and a holistic approach by focusing on the whole person and the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit.” – Dr. Carroll